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I felt the urge to put how I felt about you in words, so here I go.
The day we met, I knew you were the one for me.
I never felt like this before & that is the honest truth.
To be honest, I don't know what I would do without you.
I hope we grow old together and hit each other with our canes & yell back and forth.
I hated not being together with you, do you know how miserable I was without you?
Knowing the fact that you could be with someone better? That I could never ever get you back?
Gosh, that drove me over the edge & I grew so highly protective over you when you weren't paying attention.
I don't like the idea of you with someone else that is a no-no for me.
I would do anything for you & I hope you know that
I'm sorry I get grumpy and say rude stuff to to you but that doesn't mean I don't love you.
I hope you believe me when I say you're the most amazing person in the world even though you can't see it yourself.
( Sh let me ramble on about how much you mean to me )
Goshhh gurl, I just can't believe I was able to get someone amazing like you in my life
People may not see you as I do ( I hope they don't I might have to beat the shit out of em )
I'll let the whole world know that you belong to me and no one else
I am not going to allow you slip through my fingers again
I regretted letting you go the first time & that is the truth.
When we've first got together it was such a bumpy roller coaster
now look at where we are, look how well we finally began to understand each other, how much we refuse to leave each others side even though we had been friends for a while.
We stayed together & we shall always be next to each other side I won't allow you to leave my side.
It's like saying ' Hey! Can you rip my heart in half? '
. . .You're also beautiful, funny, weird and so many other things
I love you for who you are.
I don't care if you're over-weight, very very skinny etc I will love you just the same.
I don't have many more words to say ' i love you '
It's so hard to put ' love ' into words. .
but. . .
thank you so much for staying by me & actually making me feel like I am needed

♥ I love you, Jacey, never forget that ♥

tie-dyed-oceans Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Oh my gawrsh I love you so so so much as well :heart:
Bleakforest Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
-crycrycry- wai so since u got school does tht mean u wont bother coming onto chat?
tie-dyed-oceans Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Well, not for awhile, but I'll be coming on in maybe a few months. Getting started in school is the hardest part and is the easiest time to fall behind. xc
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August 13, 2014
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